Please complete the mandatory KYC verification by logging into your Blockbooster Account and submit the details accordingly. After submission of the details, you will be informed of your Verification Status. If your KYC Verification is successful, you will be informed about the further steps to Claim and Exchange your BB Tokens.
Your KYC Verification status can be seen on your account dashboard and normally takes around 48-96 hours to complete. If the information provided by you is correct and verified, you will be notified of the success in your Dashboard.
You can refer to this simple video for instructions to open your MyEtherWallet :-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH6yQa474sM
This Video will guide you to add the tokens in your MEW:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VPak5ivgpA
BB Token is currently being listed at the Latoken Exchange. Users will need to register accounts at https://www.latoken.com and complete required formalities as per Latoken’s requirements to proceed to exchange their BB Tokens.
After claiming your Tokens by completing the KYC Procedure, you are free to hold your BB Tokens, Promote your favorite Creators and videos on Blockbooster using BB Tokens or exchange them at https://www.latoken.com
Yes, in accordance with International Laws and Regulations regarding Money Laundering we are required to complete KYC Verification for our users in order to issue BB Tokens. You can complete your KYC by logging into your Blockbooster Account.
Currently, we are partnered exclusively with the Exchange at www.Latoken.com. If you see the BB Token being listed elsewhere, it is most probably an illegitimate exchange/scam. We advise all our users to exercise extreme caution and follow standard security precautions while claiming their BB Tokens. Please only trust the information you receive from Blockbooster’s official channels and kindly report any source peddling false information.
You can find the Listing Page for the BB Token on www.latoken.com using this link: https://wallet.latoken.com/market/Crypto/ETH/BBT-ETH You will need to register as a user on www.latoken.com to view this page.
Our Analysts at Blockbooster chose LATOKEN because they are an established crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. Here are some the key factors that influenced our decision:
  • $30m+ daily turnover
  • More than 80,000 registered traders
  • 180+ crypto pairs available for trading
Blockbooster Analysts have completed thorough review of security at Latoken and assure you that your tokens are safe a protected from malware attacks on Latoken.
Deposits for BB Token are available now, and trading for BB Token will start from 24th Sep, provided you have completed Blockbooster KYC and fulfilled formalities on Latoken Registrations.
You can view the live Trading Price for the BB Token on this link: https://wallet.latoken.com/market/Crypto/ETH/BBT-ETH Please note that you have to register and login to Latoken to view the Live Trading Prices.
In current scenario of digital media there are three possibilities of viewing content.
    A. Pay to watch the content of your choice (Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc).
    B. Watch it for free (Youtube).
    C. Watch the desired content at Blockbooster and also earn money while doing so.

It is only but natural that the audiences are bound to incline to option C i.e Blockbooster for obvious reasons. As the volume of audiences increases on Blockbooster, Advertisers are compelled to find it the most effective platform to advertise their brands and products.

Blockbooster is determined to invest a major chunk in acquiring of High Quality Exclusive Content from top content creators across genre. There will be an esteemed panel of advisory with years of experience in the field of media and entertainment along with a passionate research and content selection team completely dedicated to source quality content exclusive for Blockbooster Content Hub.
Blockbooster with its disruptive marketing strategy and affiliate tie ups with biggest stars and content creators across the globe will create an entire new spectrum of audiences for the content creators where their content reaches the maximum possible viewership so its but natural that Content Creators will be logically attracted to publish their content at Blockbooster Content Hub.
Blockbooster management takes into consideration a lot of criterion in terms of pricing and approving of any content that goes online at the Blockbooster Content Hub. These criterion are subject to the exclusivity of the content, production quality, salability of the Content Creator, Genre and Duration of the Content and likewise. Blockbooster holds discretionary authorities with its esteemed advisory panel for the same keeping the best interests of the audiences and Content Creators in mind.
Blockbooster distributes its revenue ratio in the most democratic layout of predetermined smart contracts.

    A. 40% of the revenue generated from advertisements as well as any other revenue stream is passed on to the content creator.
    B. 5% to the viewers for “Like” .
    C. 25% to the viewers for “Share” .
    D. 15% of the balance is forwarded to the Blockbooster token holders.
    E. 15% Blockbooster Management & Operational Expenses.
Blockbooster with its Initial Coin Offering will issue 315Mn Coins.
The distribution of coins at Blockbooster is as follows:
    Pre ICO 24 Mn
    ICO 76 MN
    Rest to be distributed over a period through referral marketing, Staking Bonus and Incentives.

Blockbooster believes in right to entertainment for all. Hence we do not promote any subscription model. The Blockbooster content hub is open and welcoming for anyone who is looking for premium quality entertainment at no structured cost.
    A. The Advertisers can buy tokens from the exchange.
    B. The Content Creator can buy tokens from the exchange or as a gift of appreciation from the viewers.
    C. he viewer though can earn tokens just by simply liking and sharing the content.
Company is not registered in India. The ecosystem works on block chain hence we do not entertain any transactions in cash.
The ratio of demand will always be higher against the supply considering the user traffic on Blockbooster Content Hub. Gradually with the success of every good uploaded content and overall Blockbooster as the platform. The advertisement costs are also bound to increase impacting the price of Blockbooster tokens in an upwardly positive manner.
Kindly note the fund allocation as follows:

    A. Technology Innovation: 20%
    B.Management & Development: 10%
    C. Marketing & Promotions: 30%
    D. Content Sourcing & Acquisition: 40%
On realistic grounds, understanding of the market and conviction in the concept and development, the company expects the price to be USD 2$ at the time of listing
With Blockchain enabled smart contracts implementation, Blockbooster shall felicitate a Bi-monthly payout cycle for Content Creators and Viewers in form of Blockbooster Tokens.
Blockbooster distributes its revenue ratio in the most democratic layout of predetermined smart contracts.

    40% of the revenue generated from advertisements as well as any other revenue stream is passed on to the content creator.
    B. 5% to the viewers for “Like” .
    C. 25% to the viewers for “Share” .
    D. 15% of the balance is forwarded to the Blockbooster token holders.
    E. 15% Blockbooster Management & Operational Expenses.
The weekly bonus is calculated every Monday 5.30 PM GMT London Time and credited before 12.00 AM GMT London time every Wednesday.
No! Blockbooster tokens are “Utility tokens”.
In that case, Blockbooster holds the right to prolong the ICO tenure to achieve the set target.
Blockbooster is operational on ERC23 technology where the coins are premined to a number of 315 Mn to avoid any oversubscriptions.


About Us

Blockbooster is registered in Estonia and the company runs all the creative and operational activities from the Head Quarters in London.
Blockbooster plans to launch by the end of 2018 in USA, UK, ASIA and intends to go on floor soon in Australia.
Blockbooster is in talks with some of the most credible exchanges across the globe. The registration process has been completed successfully and our legal panel has also cleared “The Howey Test” adding much credibility to Blockbooster as a trusted entity.
A) The most crucial and innovative difference between Blockbooster and any other digital media platform is, Here you just don’t get entertainment but you also make an income while doing so!
B) Another major difference being, Unlike other platforms, there are no monthly subscription charges making your experience never heavy on your pocket.
C) Blockbooster content hub shall be the only platform where you get to see “Blockbooster Exclusive Content” which is created by the best of best of the entertainment world.
To avoid any speculations considering the volatility of the crypto market, Blockbooster believes in listing only when we have successfully launched.
Content creator uploads content purchasing Blockbooster Tokens. Advertisers pay to advertise on content hub purchasing tokens. Audience earn tokens to like and share subsequently selling them on exchanges for better prices.
Blockbooster operates on ERC23 compatible technology. The coins are premined so no one can ever mine and affect the volatility of supply and demand. Blockbooster exists on the Ethereum platform in the form of a series of smart contracts. The source code of the smart contracts is public and may be reviewed by anyone. Smart contracts are immutable and will always execute as they were coded to. This allows for trustless interaction with the corporation. The Truffle framework will be used for the development and intensive testing of components. Like many other Ethereum developers, Blockbooster team has come to love Truffle!
Why Ethereum? It has become a seasoned technology that is actively developed, widely used and has a market capitalization of approx. $30 billion USD at the time of writing.
Blockbooster Management Team has so far invested USD 2Mn into the conception and development of the project and is likely and resourceful to invest adequate amount periodically as per necessity.
The Management and Development Team is determined and focused to launch the Blockbooster Content Hub with all its functionalities by the end of 2018.
Yes anyone across the globe can join .
Yes! Only if the company is a registered entity with a clear mandate of ownership understanding.
There is no pre nomination process but in such case the victim’s family can contact support at Blockbooster and the company shall follow the standardized compliances and policies.
YouTube advertisers pay per view of their ad, with an average cost-per-view ranging between $.10 – $.30.
As of Oct 2017, The standard plan for Netflix will go from $9.99 to $10.99 per month and the premium plan will jump from $11.99to $13.99 per month.