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About us

Blockbooster is a marvel in the realm of Digital Media Investment & Content Acquisition. Blockbooster facilitates a wide range of exclusive and engaging content from the biggest names across the globe via the Blockbooster Content Hub. Through the decentralized application of smart contracts, Blockbooster enables both content creators and the audience to achieve their desired goals with complete transparency and fairness.

Blockbooster offers a generation of talented artists a golden opportunity to reach out to an unimaginable spectrum of audiences while bestowing fans with exclusive content from varying genres. As a decentralized crowd investment and earnings distribution platform, Blockbooster bridges the gap between content creators and their audience not only by offering a regular dose of entertainment but by involving them in the revenue sharing process.

How It Works

On Blockbooster, the audience can relish content of diversifying genres and generate financial gain through a simplistic system of ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their preferred content. The payout area is a unit which mechanically splits the platform’s revenue between audiences and content creators through smart contracts. Blockbooster offers a win-win scenario for both audiences and content creators; the former gets to enjoy quality content as well as a chance to make an earning though ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, while the latter can see their content being distributed through social media globally, thereby enhancing their audience base as well generating revenue from the same. On Blockbooster, audiences become proactive. Unlike mainstream media portals, audiences can actually earn money by promoting their desired content, which is a fun way to build an additional income.

By liking and sharing content, Blockbooster enables audiences to celebrate their favourite content creators as well as get incentivised graciously.

Content creators are assisted by audiences which allows them expand their coverage and reach out even further to the masses.

What’s more, audiences can even gift their tokens to content creators as a sign of appreciation for their talent and hard work.

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Blockbooster Ecosystem

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Smart Contracts

Blockbooster works on exclusive smart contracts that are by nature secured and transparent.

Exclusive World Class Content

Enjoy Delightful Content From All Genre At Blockbooster Content Hub.

Incredible Opportunities

Create an Additional Income Profile by simple "Like" & "Share" Of Your Preferred Content On Social Media.

Automated Revenue distribution

Receive Your Share Of Revenue Earning Automatically Via smart contracts.