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Web3.0 Hackathon Hong Kong @HKU

Into the Socialverse

7 - 9 Apr 2023
University of Hong Kong

What is this hackathon about?

We aim to build Hong Kong as a hub for Web3 innovation, exchanging knowledge between developers and expanding the influence of local Web3 builders in the industry.


Builder Focus

Focus on binding top industry ecosystems and attracting developers from the Asia-Pacific region.


Alpha Driven

Promote alpha-driven information exchange and asset discovery with market-leading products and community builders.


Web3 Native

Enhance Web3 experiences through NFT-based interactive activities, registration and opening of Web3 wallets, and use of NFTs as community contribution tokens for ongoing operation while encouraging developers to create other experimental activity products.


Theme Sharing

Industry mentors are invited to share on Web3 Social development trends, market status, and development ecology to help developers find entrepreneurship directions that meet market demands.


Accelerator Camp

Mentors from Lens Protocol, Mask Network, Ton Network, Arweave will provide support including product PMF feedback, market strategy, contract auditing, etc. to startup teams during a 3-day accelerator camp to help entrepreneurs calibrate product positioning and accelerate product development.


Demo Day

Top industry VCs and exchanges are invited to participate in Demoday to help entrepreneurs connect with top investors and industry resources, and collaborate with Gitcoin/Dorahack to promote match funding for the hackathon theme.

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09 Mar


Blockbooster Web3.0 Hackathon @HKU | Kickoff the Socialverse

The first event of the hackathon series, online Twitter Space with our co-host & leading sponsors, OKX, Gitcoin & Hashkey Capital

14 Mar


Blockbooster Web3.0 Hackathon Online Series #2 | All You Need to Know

The second event of the hackathon series, online Twitter Space with our judges, sharing the most important information regarding project expectation and evaluation

16 Mar


Blockbooster Web3.0 Hackathon Online Series #3 |

21 Mar


Blockbooster Web3.0 Hackathon Online Series #4|

7 Apr


Hackathon - Day 1

8 Apr


Hackathon - Day 2

9 Apr


Hackathon - Day 3

9 Apr


Hackathon - Day 3
Demo Day

About Us

BlockBooster leverages the strong support for Web3 policies to host its first Hackathon in Hong Kong and invites top Web3 social entrepreneurs from Lens Protocol, Mask Network, Ton Network, Arweave as mentors to incubate and select high-quality projects from developers across the Asia-Pacific region, with continuous support in funding, community, marketing, and business for top projects.

This aims to establish a long-term incubation program based in Hong Kong, collaborate with major Builder communities, and solidify Hong Kong’s position as the core hub of Web3 entrepreneurial talent in the Greater China region and APAC, while combining academic and innovative forces with the University of Hong Kong to create a Web3 world center.

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